Pingdingshan University International Student Enrollment Regulations in 2019

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. A Brief Introduction of Pingpingshan University


Pingdingshan University (PDSU), ratified by the Ministry of Education of China and managed by the Government of Henan Province, is a full-time and comprehensive university. Standing on hills and by water, and overlooking the Pingxi Lake and the Baiguihu National Wetland Park, it takes pride in its beautiful natural environment and rich humanistic cultural atmosphere.


PDSU grows up from Pingdingshan Normal School, founded in October, 1959. In August, 1977, junior college classes were attached to Pingdingshan Normal School, and in 1984 it was named Pingdingshan Teachers Training College. In May, 2004, approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, it was upgraded to be a tertiary education institute, Pingdingshan University. Actively responding to the national and provincial requirements concerning the classification and development of higher education, she has been carrying out the in-depth transformational development, which paves the way for her Construction Unit for Master's Degree Conferment Project, the Pilot University in Transformational Development of Henan Province, one of Henan Province Undergraduate Colleges of Applied Technology. From then on, she has been developing well and playing her important roles of talent cultivation, scientific research, community commitment, and cultural inheritance & innovation, greatly inspired and motivated by her operation motto (namely, Morality, Erudition, Factualism and Innovation), and by her ethos (that is, Rigorous, Realistic, Harmonious, and Striving), and by her school spirit (namely, Effort, Hardship, Self-improvement, Solidarity, and Devotion).


PDSU owns two campuses at present, covering an area of 1,546,000 square meters (154.6 hectares). Its building area adds up to 637,400 square meters and the teaching equipment is worth 161 million yuan (RMB). The collection of paper books in the library is more than 2,741,400 copies. Now there are 20,637 full-time students and 7,613 part-time students, a staff 1,432 of whom 925 teachers have got master's or doctor’s degrees and 420 teachers are full professors, associate professors or senior experimentalists. It is fully equipped with cultural and athletic facilities, including a PE training hall, a concert hall, a studio,  etc.


Persisting in serving local industries, PDSU has formed such a disciplinary layout as is dominated by some engineering or applied disciplines with multidisciplinary coordinated development. It has 18 teaching units or colleges, 55 undergraduate majors, 9 junior college majors, covering ten disciplines including engineering, management, science, humanities, law, and art and so on. It has 1 national extramural training base, 8 provincial specialty construction units, 8 provincial pilot majors for comprehensive reform, 4 provincial quality courses, 2 provincial online open quality courses, 2 provincial teaching teams, and 4 provincial demonstration centers for experimental teaching.


PDSU owns several good research institutes and technological development bases: 5 provincial key disciplines, 1 provincial key laboratory, 1 provincial innovative technology team, 3 provincial research center for engineering technology, 3 provincial engineering laboratories, 1 provincial key research base of humanities and social sciences, 1 provincial research base for non-material cultural heritage, 1 provincial key laboratory by Forestry Administration of Henan Province, 3 municipal research centers for engineering technology, 4 municipal key laboratories. PDSU is the Provincial Talent Cultivation Base for Cultural Reform and Development, the Provincial Quyi Culture (Chinese Folk Art Forms) Base for International Promotion of Chinese Language, the Provincial Research Base for Cultural Industry Development, the Provincial Academician Workstation, and the Provincial Post-Doctoral Research and Development Base. 


Remarkable scientific or academic achievements have been made in collaborative innovation to meet the needs of industries and enterprises. PDSU has Henan Provincial Engineering Laboratory of Intelligent High-Voltage Apparatus, co-built with Pinggao Group Co. Ltd, jointly conducting research and production of intelligent high-voltage apparatus, and achieving many products with independent intellectual property rights, which have been successfully applied in such domestic and overseas projects and enterprises as Petro China Shaanxi Changqing Oilfield Company, Pinggao Group Co. Ltd, Eaton Electrical Ltd., and the Project of Transmission of Electricity from Anhui Province to East China. Pingdingshan University, together with China Academy of Forestry and Henan Province Forestry Administration, has built up a key Laboratory of Ecological Restoration of Hilly Areas, an Academician Work Station for Ecological Restoration of Hilly Areas, and a postdoctoral research and development base. It has built a forestry industry public welfare project test base under China’s State Forestry Administration (SFA), has joined China Forest Biodiversity Monitoring Network sponsored by Biodiversity Committee of China Academy of Sciences (CAS) and has completed a series of national, provincial and municipal key projects, making contributions to Henan’s ecological environment protection, reasonable utilization of resources and sustainable development. Funiushan Culture Circle Research Center brings together experts and scholars at home and abroad, conducting an in-depth study of the traditional cultural quintessence around the area. A series of academic works have been published, high-level films and television programs have been made, and some TV columns have been set up with local mainstream media, playing importing roles in the exploration, inheritance and innovation of the regional culture. The Ceramic Research Institute undertakes the complex technical imitation project of the Tang Dynasty Junware, restoring the production technology lost for over one thousand years and filling the vacancy in this field; based on this, Lushan Colored Porcelain (also called Tangjun Porcelain, meaning Tang Dynasty’s Jun Porcelain) Industrial Park was established in Lushan county, Pingdingshan. PDSUs Court Music Play reproduces the ritual and musical culture of the palace of ancient Ying State (now the City of Pingdingshan) at the Fifth Beijing Traditional Music Festival, drawing the attention of its counterparts at home and abroad.


PDSU adheres to her opening-up and cooperation policy. With some domestic universities including Zhengzhou University, she jointly offers master degree’s programs, and with some foreign universities in the United States, Britain, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Spain, etc., she carries out cooperation in teaching and scientific research. With Pingdingshan Municipal Government, China Pingmei Shenma Group, Pinggao Group Co. Ltd, Yakun Group, Dahe Net, China Building Ceramics and  Sanitaryware Association, PDSU develops school-enterprise cooperation and production-teaching integration, and establishes some enterprise colleges such as Pingmei Shenma College, Pinggao College and Yakun College. Together with Development Research Center of Henan Provincial Government, Henan Bureau for Letters and Calls, and Publicity Department of CPC Pingdingshan Municipal Committee and so on, she has co-built such new think tanks as the Transformational Development Institute for Resource-based Cities, Henan Institute of People's Letters-Calls and Social Issues, Pingdingshan Cultural Industry Research Institute. PDSU makes great innovations in talent cultivation, and enhances her capacity of serving regional economic development and social progress.


PDSU pays much attention to students’ comprehensive qualities and innovative ability, so their extracurricular academic, scientific and technological activities and social practice activities are flourishing. She is rewarded as National May Fourth Red Flag League, National Top Unit in Social Practice of Three Services in Rural Areas (that is, going to rural areas to spread scientific and literacy knowledge or to offer medical service to villagers), as well as Provincial Advanced Social Practice Unit for College Students. Over the past three years, she has won over 2000 honor titles in such competitions as National “Challenge Cup” College Students Entrepreneurship Design Contest, National Mathematical Modeling Contest, National Chemical Design Competition for College Students, China Robot Competition, and National IT Competition and so on. She has also received such great honors as Henan Provincial Model Unit (namely, a role model in comprehensive progress), one of Henan’s Satisfying Universities in Higher Education Quality, one of Henan’s Recommendable Education Cards, and one of Henan’s Top Ten Model Universities of Applied Technology.


At the new historical starting point, PDSU strives to put into practice her schooling philosophy (that is, valuing virtue, ability, and application), sticks to her development strategy (namely, stressing education quality, attracting excellent scholars, strengthening scientific research, and building exclusive features), and spares no efforts to speed up her transformational development and quality construction, working hard to building herself into a quality university of applied technology with distinctive characteristics, prominent advantages, and strong ability to serve regional economic and social development. 

Ⅱ.A Brief Introduction of School  of Chinese Language & Literature, Pingdingshan University

School of Chinese Language & Literature (SCLL) , with over 1,200 fulltime students and an adjunctive Mohist College,  is one of the earliest schools in Pingdingshan University.  SCLL offers 3 undergraduate programs ---- Chinese Language & Literature, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Drama & Film-Television Literature.


SCLL offers the program of teaching Chinese to international students. She has 62 staff, including 7 full professors, 25 associate professors, and 17 teachers with degree of Ph. D. With nearly ten years development by means of absorbing and using the latest theories and research results of second language acquisition and teaching, and by means of intensive training  of Chinese listening and speaking, SCLL has developed a special teaching mode of integrating Chinese language teaching, Zhongyuan culture experience and communication ability training. The curriculum has regional features, including general Chinese courses, specialized Chinese courses, Zhongyuan culture units, and Chinese language practice and training. The syllabus is busy, intensive and comprehensive with a lot of practices of cultural objectives and training of language skills objectives. The teaching is designed to enhance learners’ Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the limited time, to let them understand and experience Zhongyuan culture in the activities involving ancient court music and etiquette, Tai-chi quan, dragon dance and lion dance, hand-on pottery making, etc., to train and cultivate students’ communication skills and cultural understanding, and to build up their comprehensive Chinese proficiency.  


Ⅲ. Programs, Applying Qualification and Materials


Program type

Study time

Age(year old)

Applying qualification

Applying materials

Chinese Language Learners


1 year

Below 55

High school graduation certificate

(1) Application form for studying at Pingdingshan University

(2) High school graduation certificate

(3) Photocopy of passport

(4) Bank statement

(5) Certificate of non-criminal record

Bachelor Degree

Program of Chinese Language and Literrature


4 years

Below 30

Graduated from high school, have achieving the New HSK level(above 4) and New HSKK( above intermediate level).


(1) Application form for studying at Pingdingshan University

(2)High school graduation certificate or study statement

(3)Photocopy of passport

(4) New HSK and New HSKK certificate

(5)Bank statement

(6)certificate of non-criminal record




1. Contact International Office of Pingdingshan University to get Application Form for Studying at Pingdingshan University and Application Form for Henan Provincial Government Scholarship.

2.  Henan Provincial Government Scholarship and PDSU Scholarship & Fellowship: Henan Provincial Government Scholarship is 10,000 yuan RMB, and Pingdingshan University Scholarship is 5,000 yuan RMB. The total amount of the governmental and collegial scholarships will cover the learners’ tuition fee.

3. Your accommodation fee may be waived, and your medical insurance premium may be paid if you apply and study well.


Application deadline: June 15th,2018.


Application Requirements:

1. Applicants must be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China, be in good health, and have no criminal record.
2. Abide by the laws and regulations of Chinese government, and rules and regulations of Pingdingshan University.

3.  Have a good attitude on learning and good academic performance.

4. The requirements for applicants’ degree and age: Applicants for one-year Chinese Language Learners Program must have the degree above high school and be under the age of 55, and for four-year Bachelor Degree  Program of Chinese Language and Literrature must have the degree above high school and be under the age of 30.


Application Documents(in duplicate):
1. Application Form for Henan Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students.
2. Highest diploma or notarized photocopy (Applicants who are students or have a job must submit official document issued by your current school or unit to prove your current status). Diplomas or documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

3. A Study Plan or Research Proposal (written in Chinese or English).

4. Power of attorney in China Authenticated by Chinese Embassy abroad or valid documents of your legal guardians in China (only required for applicants under the age of 18)

5. Foreigner Physical Examination Form or Blood Examination Report or notarized photocopy.

6.  Pre-admission Letter

7. Certificate of Non-criminal Record or notarized photocopy.
Certificate in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations

8. All documents should be bound together on top left corner in the order of 6.1 to 6.11.
    You should submit TWO sets of bound documents. No application documents will be returned. Applicant can submit the original material’s scanning or notarized scanning. If the application materials are not in a Chinese or English version, they need to be translated into a Chinese or English version and notarized by local notary organizations.



Placement & Scholarship Confirmation
1. Application documents of recommended candidates will be considered by Pingdingshan University for eligibility and qualification. Ineligible or incomplete applications will not be considered.
2. After placement confirmation by Pingdingshan University, scholarship Recipients will get Henan Provincial Government Scholarships to study in Pingdingshan University with approval by Henan Province Office of Education.
3. Pingdingshan University will send Admission Letter and Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202)) to scholarship recipients before July 10th.
4. Scholarship will not be reserved if the scholarship recipient cannot register before the registration deadline.

Contact:  Mr. YAN Han

Call: 0086 375 2656211 / 2656233 ;


.Curriculum ,Time Schedule and Fees


Time to start

Type of study


Time schedule


and fee

1.Chinese Language Learners (1 year)

2.Bachelor Degree

Program of Chinese Language and Literrature (4 years)


September ,2018

Chinese language and culture

Comprehensive Chinese, oral, listening, reading, writing, language practice, Chinese culture, Chinese literature, etc.

about6 hours per day, about30 hours per week

Tuition:15,000 yuan RMB per year per person. Sign up fee:400RMB per person. Physical exam fee: about 400 RMB per person. 700RMB per year for health insurance premium. Accommodation fee:(Doubleroom) :3600RMB/year/person. Residence permit : 400RMB/person


 .Teaching and Living Recources


Teaching facilities

Teaching resources

 English and Chinese bilingual teachers, plenty of classrooms, laboratories, rich library collection, teaching and learning reference books and HSK guidance data.


buddy system

Provide each student with a learning and life counseling partner




Living and Service Facilities


Each room area of 16 square, equipped with bath, Internet interface, air conditioning, and heating equipment


The school canteen provides different Chinese cuisine food and Muslim food; the campus has a café and western food; a few restaurants nearby school.


International students can be picked up at the airport ,but the expense is paid by the students themselves




public sports field, gym, tennis court, music hall, Zhongyuan cultural activities, etc



.Why  Choose  PDSU ?

1. Pingdingshan University is located in Pingdingshan City in the central part of Henan Province, and Henan Province is in central part of China. so, here is “the center of Henan, center of China". 

2. Experience China's Zhongyuan Culture of five thousand years;  understand the source and core components of Chinese culture.

3. In Pingdingshan University you can not only learn the Chinese language and knowledge, also learn Mohist culture, Chinese ancient court music, hand-on pottery  making,  and Chinese Kung Fu, dragon dance, etc.

4. PDSU is a comprehensive university, with proud majors such as medicine, Chinese language and Literature, engineering, music, ceramics, etc.,  with a beautiful the campus,  standing on hills and by water, overlooking the Pingxi Lake and the Baiguihu National Wetland Park., very suitable for life and study.



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