战“疫”- 致外籍教师的一封信(A Letter to International Faculty in PDSU)

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Dear all,

On the occasion of the Chinese Spring Festival, we would like to extend our greetings and best wishes to you!

In light of the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), PDSU always gives top priority to the safety and health of her faculty and studentsand has in this case taken measures to prevent and control the epidemic.

We are pleased to see that you have been kept informed of infection prevention and control, and remained positive and confident to win the battle against the


For the health of your own and your loved, you are kindly requested, in accordance with the Law of the People’s Republic of China Prevention and Control of

Infectious Diseases and other relevant laws and regulations, and in response to the calls from the Chinese government and Pingdingshan municipal government, to:

Follow official updates

Please follow the official media outlets for the latest updates, designated hospitals in the city, and prevention and treatment guidance. Do not believe and spread false and unverified information.

Reduce outdoor activities as much as possible

Please avoid crowded places, parties and group activities. If necessary, wear a mask (preferably a surgical or an N95 mask) correctly. If you have respiratory

symptoms like fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or fatigue, please inform your co-teacher immediately and go to a designated hospital with a mask.

Keep good hygiene

Please frequently wash your hands with liquid soap or clean them with an alcohol-based hand rub. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or

sneezing. Do not spit in public. Avoid close contact with anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms. Dispose of used masks appropriately. Maintain proper

ventilation and keep rooms clean.


Control efforts

PDSU has set up a reporting system to collect the latest information on all the International faculty about any travels and their physical conditions in order to

monitor the dynamic situations and offer reporting to higher-level administration. We request your kind cooperation in providing any necessary information in

a timely manner.

We urgently recommend you avoiding any trips in areas with potential medium or high pandemic risks. If necessary, please contact your co-teacher within 48

hours in advance and fill authentic information in Travel Approval Form (see attachment, or acquire soft copy from co-teacher). Your trips shall be permitted

only after approved by relevant departments of our university.  

If you or your family members have recently visited areas with potential high pandemic risks, or have contacted people from the areas mentioned above, please

immediately report to your co-teacher and the International Office and take corresponding nucleic acid testing and quarantine measures in accordance with rules of local administration.

We are appreciated by what all of you international faculty have done for this campus. In this time of difficulties, let us join hands and stand united to safeguard ourselves and PDSU—home of all of us.


Best Regards

International Office

Pingdingshan University

Jan 19, 2021



附件: 平顶山学院教职工疫情防控期间出行审批表(外籍教师).docx


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